Call to action on livestock imports from Namibia

The Red Meat Industry Forum calls all industry role-players to action to adhere to the agreement reached in the recent past between South Africa and Namibia on trading of livestock between the two countries.
The South African Red Meat Industry, representatives from the Namibian Meat Board, Namibian Agricultural Union and the Livestock Producers Organisation agreed that livestock destined for South Africa could only be exported to one of three destinations:
 directly to an abattoir for immediate slaughter
 directly to a recognized feedlot for eventual slaughter or
 as breeding stock for livestock improvement, if accompanied by the correct stud stock documentation
During recent months livestock with the Namibian ‘N’ brand mark on the neck, but with the traceability ear tags removed, are appearing on South African livestock sales in ever increasing numbers in various Northern Provinces.
These livestock are being offered for sale by various speculators who are being investigated for supplying fraudulent export information.
The Red Meat Industry Forum urgently requests that:
 all live imports be correctly marked with the prescribed ‘N’ national brand and traceability tags
 all trucks transporting livestock across borders be correctly sealed with the seal numbers entered on the export documentation with the seals only broken on arrival at final destination
 the destination be very clear when applying for an import permit and on the documentation signed by the Namibian State Veterinarian
 if livestock are imported for breeding purposes that they be accompanied by an import permit issued by the Registrar as well as the relevant required health certificates at that time
 if livestock are destined for a feedlot, only to an approved feedlot (minimum of 1000 head capacity; a member of the South African Feedlot Association or known to the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
 the livestock are to be fed a minimum of 60 days before being marketed to an abattoir
 spot checks be done at livestock sales and that both the seller and livestock agent be held accountable if found to be in contravention of the agreement
The Red Meat Industry Forum requests all its member organizations to play an active role in assuring that livestock are legally marked and requests the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the SAPS Stock theft Units to strictly apply the Animal Identification Act (Act 6 of 2002) and the Stock theft Act (Act 57 of 1959) to all livestock owners, and buyers of livestock at livestock sales and abattoirs with strict penalties if found to be in contravention.
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