Foot and Mouth Disease Competition

Foot and Mouth Disease Competition

The national RPO hereby issues a competition regarding prosecution of the spread of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in South Africa.

Case study  

The following is a case study with fake names and districts.

  • Piet is a farmer from the “Verste” district (foot-and-mouth management area). Piet also has land in other provinces in South Africa.
  • Piet makes no false claims, the livestock is tested for foot-and-mouth disease and is certified as such by the State Veterinarian.
  • Piet applies to the State Veterinarian to move livestock from the “Verste” district to another province, who issues a permit for the transportation of the cattle.
  • During transportation, the truck is stopped and confronted by persons in the red meat value chain – SAPS is called out and after a massive argument the truck is allowed to continue driving, as all the legal requirements have been met.
  • Piet moves the cattle and will later find out that the cattle have foot-and-mouth disease and it is spreading like wildfire throughout South Africa.

Closing date 17 September 2022 at 16h00
The person with the most correct answer will receive an amount of R10 000.
If more than one correct answer is received, a draw will be undertaken by the national RPO to determine the winner.
The decision of the judges is final and binding.
The answer of the person who wins the prize, will also be distributed after the prize has been awarded.

PLEASE NOTE : No staff and office bearers of the national and/or provincial RPO may participate in the competition.

    Are you a red meat producer?

    In which province do you farm?