Upcoming Gauteng Brucellosis Prevalence Survey

Upcoming Gauteng Brucellosis Prevalence Survey

Dear Partner in Agriculture,

This is to bring to your attention the fact that Gauteng Veterinary Services will be conducting a Brucellosis Prevalence Survey in Gauteng Province between July and September 2019. We will be visiting 300 randomly selected farms and bleeding the cattle for Brucellosis. We will be using a blood test to determine possible infection on a provincial basis. This data will be used by the Directorate Veterinary Services to assess ongoing efforts at control and to improve strategies in the fight against the disease in the Province.

You are requested to inform members of your organisation’s members about the upcoming survey so as to assist Veterinary Services on the ground in the conducting the survey. Our officials will be identifiable by way of an ID card with their photo and will have a letter of introduction from our Director, Dr D Nemudzivhadi. Stock owners can be assured that the info received will be dealt with confidentially and personal information will not be made public.

You are welcome to contact this office for more information should it be required.

Yours sincerely

Peter Geertsma